What's It Going to Cost You?

The price you can pay for drinking can go beyond just your health.  

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Those Dollars

Let’s talk money. An education isn’t cheap—neither is alcohol. But only one of those things is investing in your future. And whatever’s left over should go towards you living your best life. New experiences. Textbooks. Quality snacks. Rent. Fun. There’s always a better way to spend your money than on alcohol.


Your Work

Whether you’re already working at a job you love or just starting out your career, drinking alcohol can have some seriously negative impacts. Studies suggest that heavy alcohol use can harm your ability to remember and process information, as well as pay attention—which is a big deal when it comes to doing a good job at work.

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Your Education

One day, you’ll think back on your time in college. The fun. The culture. The knowledge. Hopefully, not the fines. Getting caught on campus with alcohol can mean potential fees from your school. Bad news, bank account. Depending on your campus rules, you can face a time-consuming conduct process, fines, probation, suspension, or even dismissal.

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A Record

We know you know this part, but it’s worth a repeat. Alcohol use and possession is illegal for anyone under 21. If you get caught, you can be cited with a Minor in Possession (MIP) offense. That means possible fines or jail time. And a legal record can follow you around, from applying for student aid to trying to land your dream job.

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