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There’s Only One You

Why let things like the effects of drinking get in the way of you being you? That can include anything from falling behind in classes or missing work to the fact that it plays a significant role in the leading causes of death among young adults—with things like injuries, suicides, and homicides.

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Keep a Clear Head

There are lots of things you would never do or say when sober. 

When you drink, you can do something embarrassing without even realizing it. Say things you don’t mean that hurt the people you care about. Or, if alcohol is affecting your decision making, you can find yourself in an unsafe situation. 

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Got a Ride?

Adventures are waiting around every corner. And with so many options for getting around, why risk drinking and driving or riding with someone who’s driving under the influence? One drink’s enough to make driving illegal—and dangerous. If you get pulled over, you can get a DUI and all the legal consequences that come with it, like fines, possible jail time, and a revoked license. All things no one wants. 

So, volunteer to be the designated driver, request a rideshare, call a sober friend, check your school for “Safe Rides,” or hop on a bus—whatever gets you home safely. 

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Don’t Get Mixed Up

Some things just aren’t made for each other. It’s probably not surprising that mixing alcohol and marijuana—or crossfading—can increase health risks and possible consequences of using either substance alone. That can mean more nausea (or actual vomiting), panic attacks, anxiety, and paranoia. There's also a possibility of consuming more than you intended of either substance.  

Crossfading can make you less aware of your surroundings and impair your decision-making. Leaving you to wonder things—like “What?” “Where?” "Why?”

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