What’s It Going to Cost You?

The price you pay for marijuana use can go beyond just your body and brain.

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Those Dollars

You’re working hard to get that future paycheck. And education doesn’t come cheap. Marijuana may not either. Purchasing it can be pricey, especially if you develop a habit. Getting caught with marijuana before 21 can lead to fines and legal fees that add up.

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Your Education

No one wants to work hard keeping up a GPA only to have marijuana get in the way. Marijuana use is associated with lower grade point averages, especially in math and science classes. Regular marijuana use can also make it harder to finish school—delaying your graduation and the start of your career.

Marijuana is also illegal on all public and private colleges in Washington State. Breaking that rule can mean facing potential fines, probation, suspension, or even dismissal from your college.

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Your Future

The positive moves you’re making now are helping shape the rest of your life. A marijuana conviction can stand in your way and prevent you from doing things like joining the military or getting the job you really want.

If you’re 21 and older, marijuana use is legal in Washington State—but what an employer says goes and some still prohibit use. And when it comes to testing, THC, the main active chemical in marijuana, can stay in your system for days to even weeks.

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A Record

We know you know this part, but it’s worth a repeat. Marijuana use and possession are illegal for anyone under 21. If you get caught, you can be cited with a Minor in Possession (MIP) offense. That means possible fines or jail time. And a legal record can follow you around, from applying for student aid to trying to land your dream job.

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The Trust

For some folks, it can be hard to learn the people they care about are using marijuana. It can make them worry or shake their trust. And even if it’s not about getting caught, marijuana can make you withdraw from the people you care about most.

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