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Every Day Counts

We want you to live your best life—safely. Marijuana can make that harder by messing with your brain development and judgment. So, are you going to let it stop you from making the most of every moment?

Keep a Clear Head

You’ve spent the last 18 to 20ish years figuring out what you do and don’t like, or what you will and won’t do. Marijuana can shake that. It can distort your normally sound judgement and decision-making—potentially leading you to dangerous situations, like riding with a high driver.

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Got a Ride?

Lots of great things can happen from behind the wheel. Adventuring. Sightseeing. Traveling home to visit family or friends. What isn’t great behind the wheel are the impaired coordination and reaction times of a high driver.

Those drivers can cause crashes that hurt themselves and others. Since 2012, the number of drivers under the influence of multiple substances at once involved in fatal crashes has increased an average of 15 percent every year.

So, if you or anybody else has used marijuana, find another ride.

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Don’t Get Mixed Up

Some things just aren’t made for each other. It’s probably not surprising that mixing alcohol and marijuana—or crossfading—can increase health risks and possible consequences of using either substance alone. That can mean more nausea (or actual vomiting), panic attacks, anxiety, and paranoia. There's also a possibility of consuming more than you intended of either substance.  

Crossfading can make you less aware of your surroundings and impair your decision-making. Leaving you to wonder things—like “What?” “Where?” "Why?”

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